How We Work

Culverson Software makes applications to run on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista, OS X, Linux , and embedded microprocessors. We’ll take the input data you have available…


Measurements, estimates, pressure, displacement, vibration, temperature, images, sound…

Consider the constraints: Real-time, high-speed, high-resolution, environment, size…

Review data storage needs and options…

Customize your software to produce the output required, and more…


On-site Data Acquisition System

Gone are the days of carrying an array of single-function tools that use various report generating methods.

We can streamline your field kits to create on-site diagnostic data acquisition systems.


Trouble shooting— before trouble starts

Imagine the possibilities of software that produces your “need to know” data.

Your systems can acquire wear and tear measurements, inform operators of misalignments, stress and breakage, BEFORE costly shut downs.

View histories, recall previous measurements, perform simulations that take the guess work out of revisions and remain on budget.


Streamlined – digitized

Modelers that run simulation, revisions, processing. Generating the data you need.

Real time measurements, in less time, with more accuracy = more productivity.


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