An Improved Analog Clock

Sometimes all that digital stuff is just too bland.

A bug undocumented feature of the original analog clock was that the markers on the scale were at intervals of 1.25 seconds, a consequence of LabVIEW preferring to use 4 intervals per major tick, when we silly humans use 5.  As a result, it looked a bit odd.  As I said then, if we’re going for an analog, then let’s go for the analog.

Attempts to coerce LabVIEW into making the scale the way we wanted were not successful; it has a long habit of thinking that four is a nice number and five is just an odd number, so I could not make it work.

So how do we improve it?  Simply disregard the built-in scale and substitute a picture.  After all, we all know where the numbers are on a clock face, if we’ve lined up the 0 and the 12 on our LabVIEW scales at the top of the circle, then all else has to fall into place.


Click here to download the example LLB file, in LV 8.0 format. It has the same math VI as before (read the previous post for details), just the clock face is different.


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  1. It is possible to set the minor ticks to 1 minute intervals using the “Minor Increment” element of the “Scale.Range” property in the gauges properties node.

    See for more details.

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