Hello, World

Hello world, indeed.

“Hello world” is traditionally the first program one writes when working with a new programming language. I suppose it’s just to prove to yourself that you can get all the way from concept through an editor/compiler/assembler/interpreter/linker/debugger chain to a visual display and have a sense of a wall broken down between you and the tools of this unknown language.

And so it is here, as I have never written for mass consumption before, despite having written technical materials for quite some time.

I hope to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have discovered and invented over the years, and maybe save you some time and effort in solving the problems and challenges that you face in your own programming work.

Most of my work has been in LabVIEW recently, so I suppose most of my posts will pertain to that environment. I am working on a large project that uses a PXI box in real-time, so there will be observations related to that environment, and tips related to working with large projects. However, I won’t preclude articles on other languages, so rummage around and you might find something useful.

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